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Publication of My New Book, Juan Ponce de Leon His New and Revised Genealogy

I've finally got my new book, Juan Ponce de Leon His New and Revised Genealogy listed within Google Books search engine.

Pretty soon my publishers will finally get around to getting the book listed on other Global marketing venues.

I have allowed Google Books to provide a limited preview of the book online.

If you want to check it out follow this URL:…


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Native concerns and Local churches

I searched the web for local diocese to the New York city and region (NJ etc) to see what the Churches are doing with or for Native Peoples. I didn't find any Native American Minsitry offices in any of the Cathlic dioceses. Interesting, at leat 27,000 Native people live just in NYC - plus what ever numbers within an hour from here. Anyone interested in getting something going that we can eventualy present to our Bishops and ask for an Office for Native American concerns?

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The Ancestors

You know there is an old saying in genealogy: "When an ancestor wants you to find them you will."

This whole process for me has been very rapid. I began searching for my ancestors at the age of 14. I am 64 now and to some that might be a long time. But during the process of searching for my ancestors I've gathered over 25,000 of them. So the amount of time spent looking for them is quite relative to the amount of ancestors I have found thus far in my…


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Ahora disponible: La Voz del Pueblo Taíno - Edición Borikua: Vol. 2, Número 1, Enero - Marzo 2010

La Voz del Pueblo Taíno - Edición Borikua - es la Revista de la Oficina de Enlace del la Confederación Unida del Pueblo Taíno (CUPT) en Boriken (Puerto Rico), Volumen 2, Número 1, Enero - Marzo de 2010, Reservados todos los derechos. En esta edición: Terremoto causa devastación en Haiti ; Urgen pesquisa legislative sobre paradero de… Continue

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A Taino in the Land of the Ancient Anasazi

Takaji My Relatives

On Tuesday April 27 I was flown by the production staff of a new paranormal investigation TV show, along with a number of paranormal investigators, and other experts, to the St James hotel in the north eastern New Mexico village of Cimarron to explore the possbilities of otherwordly activity in the hotel itself and in a near-by mesa called Urraca, both of which have a reputation of beng haunted.…


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