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Caney Circle makes presentation at the Fourth Annual Taino Gathering in Jayuya

Tau My Relatives

On the weekend of August 15 I participated in the fourth annual Taino Indigenous gathering in Jayuya, Boriken. The traditional artisans and craftspeople of the central mountains again hosted hundreds of visitors from all over the world on the grounds of the Cemi Museum in the Barrio Coabey area this year, and the experience was predictably inspiring. I was invited by our Taino sisters Joana Soto Aviles and Maragarita Noguera, to… Continue

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Caribs' Santa Rosa Festival - Live: This Sunday, August 24, 2008

For those of you interested in the Santa Rosa Festival of Trinidad's Carib Community, you can hear a live broadcast, streamed online, from Trinidadian radio station I 95.5 FM, this Sunday morning. For those of you on the eastern seaboard of the U.S., the time the event starts is at 9:00am, same for those in the Caribbean.

Go to this link -- and click on Listen Live. Don't expect to see any… Continue

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Columbus's first encounters of Indigenous people.

"A fair breeze took, Santa Maria and Nina into Moustique Bay,

where easterly winds detained them for three days. Here the

Admiral, "seeing the grandeur and beauty of this island and

its resemblance to the land of Spain," he named it Las Isla Espanola

- the Spanish Isle. His seamen captured a young and beautiful

girl wearing only a gold nose plug and brought her on board.

She indicated that she would gladly stay with the boys, but the

Admiral, sent her ashore… Continue

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Research items from Ray of Cape Canaveral.

To me, there's nothing like being a writer on the hot trail of research into prehistory. Finding the scant hints of a bygone culture of people excites this soul. This writer is far removed in the gene pool from this culture

yet he feels a connectedness with them from the past. This author's attempt through knowledge to connect to the ancient ones is to honor them by remembrance of them in his humble writings.

Personal interests for research include but not limited to… Continue

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Charles Williams and indigenous issues in St Vincent and the Grenadines

Published on Friday, August 15, 2008

Reprinted from Caribbean Net News

By Paul Lewis

The historic Kalinago people of St Vincent are on the ‘brink of extinction,’ said Chief Charles Williams, leader of the Carib Community in Dominica, after he wrapped up a three day visit to St Vincent and the Grenadines on August 6. Williams was warmly welcomed by residents of Sandy Bay as he sought to re-establish the links between the Caribs of… Continue

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The people of the forest -- Thank you to my relatives and a dear friend for letting me use their images.

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The Archeologist's Dream - Hummingbird in Cosmic Time

This was done in 2002 -- again what would archeologists love to find and display even though they would have very little idea of the true meanings of the symbols. It was originally a goache drawing done from my imagination and manipulated in photoshop. I had also thought that the "cage" could be made into a ceremonial headpiece.

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The hidden Atabey

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IPL Blog

IPL Blog


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Chat is working again (for now?)

Hello again everyone. I did absolutely nothing to try to fix whatever problem was causing chat not to work, all I did was to merely go into the chat room to check again, and for some reason it is now working. I wish I knew what the problem was before, and what I might have needed to do to fix this...but this self-healing chat room seems to have cut things short for me. Anyway, good news, you can now use it.

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About CHAT being offline

I feel like a child, not knowing how it is that a service that I created, and basically own and run, won't even let me in. In fact, it seems it won't let anyone in -- it must be very selfish software that is happy to be left alone just talking to itself. I will try to figure out what is wrong, wish me luck, but I am sorry to have let down people who wanted to use it. I might have to rebuild it completely. I will post another message as soon as it seems to be working again.

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Meet Joshua Torres, the new site co-administrator

Hello again everyone, just some network news: given how absent I have been, and how great Joshua has been at meeting and greeting, I asked him to take on the job of co-administrating, which I am glad he accepted. So, if you have any troubles, there are now two people you can contact: Joshua and myself. Now this might also mean that Joshua can expel me, so I will have to be on my best behaviour for a change.

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This place is really coming to life!

I have been absent for a while, and I missed welcoming many new members. I also noticed that many of the new members really have become experts at using the site, and have actively produced their own personal blog posts. To make sure that others know of your posts, as it gets busier in here, drop me a note, and I will make sure to feature your blog on the front page.

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4ta Jornada Indígena-Taína 2008 en Bo. Coabey, Jayuya, Puerto Rico


4ta Jornada Indígena-Taína 2008 en Bo. Coabey, Jayuya, Puerto Rico

(English Language version below)

El sábado y domingo, 16 y 17 de Agosto 2008, se llevará a cabo la 4ta Jornada Indígena-Taína 2008 en Jayuya en las facilidades de CEDETRA en el Bo. Coabey, Carr. 144 - Km. 9.3, Jayuya, Puerto Rico. Este evento anual celebrado en Honor al Indio Puertorriqueño es auspiciado por El… Continue

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Our visit to The Natl Museum of The American Indian in April

Tau My Relatives back in April 2008 the Bohio Ata Bey Taino Women's Council invited a number of community members to gather at a special community resource facility of the Smithsonian's NATIONAL MUSEUM OF THE AMERICAN INDIAN to spend some time and perform sacred ceremony with ancient Taino artefacts housed in that Washington D.C. area facility.

I joined our sister Inaru and a number of other Tainos and Tainas, as well as some family…


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Tau My Relatives Members of the Peace and Dignity Journeys East Coast contingent arrived in Western Pennsylvania on June 18 2008. They converged with members of the Longest walk2 who were at the time on the verge of de-camping from the Raccoon Creek State Prk campsite. The runners stayed at the home of Caney Circle beike Miguel Sobaoko Koromo and

at the home of Council of Three Rivers American Indian Center member

residing in Pittsbrgh,… Continue

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Local Newscast features our views on the Mayan Calendar

Tau My relatives On Friday July 18 2008 Pittsburgh TV station WTAE channel 4 aired a

piece which included comments by Caney Circle beike Miguel Sobaoko

Koromo Sague concerning the significance of Pittsburgh's river

confluence in the prophecy of the Mayan Calendar Shift of Ages.

As some of you already know I have been studying the Mayan Calendar

since I was a teen-ager and in the year 2000 I was given a… Continue

Added by Miguel Sague Jr on July 22, 2008 at 5:30pm — 4 Comments

Third Anniversary of Grito De Caguana

CONMEMORAMOS EL 3ro ANIVERSARIO RECLAMO SAGRADO Posted by: "caney@" caney@ la_voz_taino

Mon Jul 21, 2008 9:19 am (PDT)




Este 25 de julio de 2008, nosotros, el Caney 5to Mundo, Conclave

Taíno Guatukan de la Cordillera Central, una vez mas nos reuniremos

en el Centro Ceremonial… Continue

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Indigenous Grandmothers nearly kicked out of Vatican

Tau My Relatives Back in December Grandfather Don Alejandro

Perez Oxlaj, the Quiche Maya leader of Guatemala's Council of Elders

visited Pittsburgh and councelled with myself and several others

here accompanied by Grandmother Flordemayo, a member of the highly

respected and world-recognized COUNCIL OF THIRTEEN INDIGENOUS

GRANDMOTHERS. We were aware of the fact that Grandmother Flordemayo

was preparing to visit the vatican… Continue

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Caney Indigenous Spiritual Circle begins live webcasts july 26 2008

Tau my relatives I am happy to announce that starting next Saturday July 26 2008 the

Caney Spiritual Circle will begin a regular live webcast schedule

which will air every second and fourth Saturday of each month from

6:00 P.M. to 8:00P.M. Eastern Standard Time.

Our live webcast station is called "TAINO SPIRITUALITY AND

RESURGENCE" and is on the air courtesy of "Camstream" free webcast

service. At first the webcast… Continue

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