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Research items from Ray of Cape Canaveral.

To me, there's nothing like being a writer on the hot trail of research into prehistory. Finding the scant hints of a bygone culture of people excites this soul. This writer is far removed in the gene pool from this culture
yet he feels a connectedness with them from the past. This author's attempt through knowledge to connect to the ancient ones is to honor them by remembrance of them in his humble writings.

Personal interests for research include but not limited to archaeological ceremonial artifacts, documented
accounts of European encounters of the Florida and Caribbean lost tribes, South Eastern Ceremonial Complex cultures, mound building, burial customs and patterns, use of metals, time periods before 100 BC back to Archaic periods are a keen interest, religious and social beliefs of these ancient cultures, medicine men and cacique, Maya connections through maritime efforts, channeled messages (for fun), and finding the hidden and obscure facts that other westernized writers have left out.

So these are my interests, tell me about yours and especially if any of mine interest you. There is nothing
like sharing research.

Historically yours,

Ray Osborne

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Comment by Ray Osborne on August 23, 2008 at 4:06pm
New item for research.

In 1546 a ship owned by Sardo wrecked near
Cape Canaveral( Lyon 1986) A Basque named Bustincury
later listed as a interpreter of the Ais language.

"The Enterprize of Florida 1976 Eugen Lyon."

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