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Before Columbus, just another tribe

Motecuzoma, also known as Montezuma told Cortez through an interpreter (paraphrased)

"You are not the first person to come here, looking like you do with beards and blue eyes, there are whole tribes like you down by the coast and I will introduce them to you." (Readings from America, out of print) Legend among the Aztecs was that their ancestors had lived in seven caves, when white men with beards, blonde hair and iron tools had organized their small tribe into the most dominant… Continue

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Florida's Indigenous Caribbean connection.

Be sure to see this month's issue of Forum from Florida
Humanities Council. It has a special on the Florida's
Indigenous Caribbean connection.

See it on their website at

Also I think my book has a mention in this month's issue. I wait in anticipation for it to arrive in the mail.

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Columbus's first encounters of Indigenous people.

"A fair breeze took, Santa Maria and Nina into Moustique Bay,

where easterly winds detained them for three days. Here the

Admiral, "seeing the grandeur and beauty of this island and

its resemblance to the land of Spain," he named it Las Isla Espanola

- the Spanish Isle. His seamen captured a young and beautiful

girl wearing only a gold nose plug and brought her on board.

She indicated that she would gladly stay with the boys, but the

Admiral, sent her ashore… Continue

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Research items from Ray of Cape Canaveral.

To me, there's nothing like being a writer on the hot trail of research into prehistory. Finding the scant hints of a bygone culture of people excites this soul. This writer is far removed in the gene pool from this culture

yet he feels a connectedness with them from the past. This author's attempt through knowledge to connect to the ancient ones is to honor them by remembrance of them in his humble writings.

Personal interests for research include but not limited to… Continue

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