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Columbus's first encounters of Indigenous people.

"A fair breeze took, Santa Maria and Nina into Moustique Bay,
where easterly winds detained them for three days. Here the
Admiral, "seeing the grandeur and beauty of this island and
its resemblance to the land of Spain," he named it Las Isla Espanola
- the Spanish Isle. His seamen captured a young and beautiful
girl wearing only a gold nose plug and brought her on board.
She indicated that she would gladly stay with the boys, but the
Admiral, sent her ashore very honorably," decently clad in slopchest
clothing and bedecked with jingles and hawk's bells. This move proved
to be good for public relations, as the damsel was a cacique's daughter.
Next day nine Spaniards sent ashore were conducted to a big village of a thousand
people and given everything they wanted - food, drink, girls, and
pg 77 Morison, The European discovery of America.
The Southern Voyages.

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Comment by Ray Osborne on December 1, 2008 at 1:02pm
On December 15, Santa Maria and Nina beat up the Tortuga
Channel to the mouth of Trois Rivierer, a clear mountain stream
that flows through a valley that Columbus well named the Valley
of Paradise. Next day, when the fleet lay off a beach some five hundred
people came down accompanied by their youthful cacique, who
made them the Admiral a state visit. Bedecked with gold jewelry
, he dined alone with Columbus in his cabin and behaved with royal
poise and dignity. Dinner over, Columbus had the cacique piped
over the side in naval style and given a twenty-one gun salute.

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