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At 8:25pm on August 6, 2008, adem medina cardona said…
do you speak of the guayabera or the other?
quite beautiful the both of them
my son, who passed away last year, had a collection of guayaberas he wore daily. his favorite.
At 2:42pm on August 5, 2008, adem medina cardona said…
oh my! how beautiful, is it your painting???
thank you so much for posting it on my page comments
my page has never looked so good!~c
At 8:00am on August 2, 2008, Jorge Baracutei Estevez said…
Hey Ray,
Thanks for the pics once again brother. That was my sons first time dancing in full lakota regalia.
As for the Maubi, if it is the same as Mabi, then yes I know the ingredients. We should have a Mabi workshop perhaps at the American Indian Community House or the Cultural Center.
At 3:41am on August 2, 2008, Guy Marco said…
I do not know what Maubi is made from but I was introduced to it in Georgetown, Guyana. It was very popular in the earlier days. It goes nice with "tennis-roll" (round bread) and cheese.
It can be bought at any West Indian grocery store in US.
At 10:33pm on August 1, 2008, Joanna 'Aya' Soto-Avilés said…
Takaji TainoRay,
Hope you and your loved ones are in good health and spirit. Just wanted to say thanks for joining my circle and for adding me as a friend. Your site is looking good! Keep up the good work!
Until next time...
Love, Hugs, Peace & Taíno-tí,
Joanna & Family
At 7:12pm on August 1, 2008, Caracoli said…
Just click on groups
At 7:07pm on August 1, 2008, Rixturey said…
Thanks for the invite -- how do I get to the environmental roundtable? Also, found a great site on the Amazonia Indians --
Pass it on.
At 6:46pm on August 1, 2008, Caracoli said…
Taino Ti Guatiao

They belong to the Nacion. The drums I play come from Africa.
Good to see you part of this network
At 6:22pm on August 1, 2008, Miguel Sague III said…
Taino Ti Ray.
Thank you for the warm welcome.
Did you make those majuacans that are in your pictures?
At 11:25am on July 31, 2008, Maximilian Forte said…
Hello tainoray, I think I remember the "veracity" aspect you mentioned. It was a bit of a risky term for me to use, thinking about it in hindsight, because though it was meant as an acronym the fact is that it sounds like "truth" and it suggests that "untruth" might be lurking nearby. In other words, if I were to rewrite the paper, I would leave that out, and just focus on how Taino representatives have been especially skilled at maximizing their self-representation online, possibly more than most indigenous communities.

But, I would like to hear what you wanted to say about that "veracity" idea, and please be really blunt if you didn't like it, because academics shouldn't teach if they can't learn.
At 12:58am on July 31, 2008, adem medina cardona said…
thank you for adding me, and for sharing your music and art~c
At 11:10pm on July 30, 2008, Maximilian Forte said…
How sad that I did not welcome you, please accept my apologies, I have been absent for a few weeks. Please let me know if you encounter any difficulties in using the site -- it looks like you are doing a great job though!

Very best wishes and a very warm welcome.
At 11:09pm on July 30, 2008, AkuTurey said…
Tau ti,TainoRay,
What great pictures!..I need a source for Cemis and Taino music!!!I have one from the old Ciboney tribe,and my Behiques Cd that I have to memorize,as if all goes well,I will be a Behique of Caney Spirtual Circle...but I am a musician,I likes LOTS of music,especially Taino.I thank you for help in obtaining music and sources for Cemis,and actually any and all Taino things!!Bo-Matum,
At 9:41pm on July 30, 2008, Miguel Sague Jr said…
Tau brother, it is an honor to have you here in this network, i look foward to good exchanges and a closer relationship among brothers and sisters
At 8:25pm on July 30, 2008, Zeeska Lee said…
Thanks for the add.
At 10:12am on July 30, 2008, Lesley-Ann Brown said…
Thanks for watching my video. The "bag of weed" comment comes from the fact that the poem is a mix of advice from various women, from all different backgrounds who all had some advice of how one can survive here in Copenhagen. It is not an endorsement, but something to think about in terms of how different people use different things to cope. Some people drink, others smoke weed, others read history and gain strength from that. The poem is a contemplation of all the above.

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