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Do you really think that Caribs were war-like and Arawaks - peaceful?

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Nope not at all. But it's been taught so much in the Caribbean for so long that so many people believe it. Indigenous groups on the mainland know that there was a long standing feud between Arawaks and Caribs before they got to the Islands and that led to the constant raiding by the Caribs. But the history books never go to the elders and ask them what they know. They just rely on the accounts of the Europeans.
The war-like Carib & peaceful Taino is a myth just like our extinction. People are people & violence is part of human nature.

The Taino inhabited all parts of the Caribbean. You don't control islands like Boriken & Kiskeya without being war-like.

This myth has been taught for so long that the people accept it.

A massive education project is needed pertaining to Caribbean Indigenous Legacies.

Sites like this will help.
You Guys so direct - that's the way I view things not through what settlers have written.
More on this later
I don't feel that a community can be characterized by a stereotype and yes some generalizations are true but you still can't apply it to the whole. So some Caribs might have been war-like but I'm sure that there were others with a peaceful demeanor. These stereotypes themselves might be just simple myths that romanticize the Indian and create a carton like figure that only consists of black and white with no grey in between, with no room for any human emotional diversity. It brands our ancestors to a stagnant history, a schema.
More on this later
well i suppose that if someone came to my home, tried to take control of the place by force, i might fight back ~as docile as i can be at times, there is a time for defense. if you happen to record my fighting back not my previous history of which you hold little knowledge, then i would look quite war like to you.
You're 100++ right. They described the Arawaks as opposite perhaps because they had them (Arawaks) under control.

you are absolutely right!
I am a proud Carib Indian and i we are the most friendly people, our invaders called us warlike and savages, because we fought for our rights. We stood up for what we believe and that's the reason we are still living.
It's great meeting you. I agree with you 100%. I simply wanted to see how others' view the issue.
Now where are you from - Dominica/Guyana/Suriname or else where? Do you know your Carib Language? Reason is that I speak a Cariban language - Macushi - hence would like to compare for my personal interest.
I have been to Dominica thrice - twice stayed in the reserve. Meet some wonderful people there. First time was for 'shooting' of a film entitled "View from the Shore " in 1992. I played the role of last Arawak Chief who refused to be converted to Christiaity. He was eventually burnt on a stake.
I am working on the language. I speak a little bit. The language is Arawakan but we have many Carib words in it. Like we have two words for "girl" = hinyaru, which is like Arawak and "wori" which is like Carib.
I have to make note of HINYARU and find out from my Arawak Uncle - Uncle Basil Rodrigues of Moruka, Region #1, Guyana.
WORI - Macushi is about the same because Macushi is a Cariban language - like ALEKUNA (Arecuna), PATAMUNA, AKAWAIO.
We say WILE (with that mark over I). What I found is that in the Cariban languages there is hardly R sound but L sound. I guess the linguist/s used the method of writing Spanish/Portugues. A Macushi reading Macushi words spelt with R's would have a tough time. It would be easier for them, also because of their level of reading, if their words are spelt with sounds (phonics) of the letters as in English.
I began a study here - still in process -


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