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Is anyone out there are decendants of the carib Nation

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I am St. Lucian Kalinago. Hi!
Which part of St. Lucia are you from? I taught there at two high schools - St. Mary's College/Castries Comprehensive Secondary; 1993 - 1999.
I actually knew a student (in my Karate class) who was a Carib descendant. When she told me that she tought it was an unfortunate. Her name was Karen. I lost contact with her.
I know a "Carib Community' on the West side of the island after Jackmil. I want to go back there and show them how they can diversify their cassava as we have it in Guyana.
Hello Keisha,

I am a kalinago woman from the beautiful island of Dominica. How are you. I would like to talk to you alittle more about the Carib Indian in St.Lucia. Our former cheif was named Garnette Joseph.
Hello to both of you! My mom is from St. Lucia, my dad is from Antigua. My mom's family's name is IMBERT. We are from Castries but our family is from Anse La Raye and Laborie. Yes many of the Carib people come from the western coast and southern coast of the Island. I wish the communities could be more organized. There are some people who recognize their Carib heritage and some people who don't. But look at what people learn in schools about Caribs, that we were warlike savages. It makes many people be ashamed because they don't know it is a lie.
Hello Dear,

I am so glad you responded so quickily. My family's name is Darroux. My uncle was one of the first elected chief to govern our tribe, also my Cousin who recently passed, may his soul rest in peace, he was chief twice. I was fortunate enough to be taught to be proud of my heritage.Growing up as a child i was a member of the Karifuna cultural Troop, which teaches and perform traditional dances still today my young sister is one of the lead dancers, we do alot to encourage our young people to remember where we came from and slot more is being done now. There is about 4000 of us in Dominica. My father is considered full blood Carib Indian and i am 50% because my grandmother was black and grandpa is full blooded, so here i am today a proud kalinago woman. Here is a cool site telling more about our people www.kalinago Barana
No problem, I always love meeting other Kalinago. Don't worry about fullbood and half blood with me. To me as long as as person has Kalinago blood and know the culture or are willing to be humble and learn they are Kalinago to me.

In St. Lucia I believe the last census counted us Kalinago at a little over 700. So we are a much smaller group than those in Dominica. I'm not sure how many there are in St. Vincent and Trinidad.

I've seen that website. I tried contacting the owners but I got no response. I am trying to find any Kalinago willing to work on the language with me in whatever way they can or learn the language however they can. It's been kind of hard getting hold of people since I'm here in the US.
Seek and I shall fine, eh?

So there is already thread on this topic of the Caribs. In another discussion group we were discussing capturing oral history of elders on a Youtube clip. Build an archive and recording their heritage would be a meaningful joint project.

Anybody, want to talk about how this could be coordinated? I know it would be helpful to our artist friends
as well as preserve history.


Let us go ahead and capture as much as possible as soon as possible even before a plan is drafted to coordinate. I missed the opportunity to tape my grandfather when he would tell me what he knew or remembered. I have seen some of the art in the caves and on rocks. Things are been destroyed intentionally and unintentionally, so it is best to use digital cameras, Phones Ipads etc to capture as much as possible and then we can begin the process of coordinating or creating the archives.

I am Andrew Davis, who was born in Trinidad & Tobago. I am a decendants of Catib through my Greatgrandmother, Garria, who came from Venezula with a White man Scot or Scott Davis from Scotland. My late father Christopher Davis, spoke Patwa and represented the Carib tribe with his family. I still have brothers and sisters and other relatives, who are decendants of the Carib tribe. In addition, I have three daughters in the USA, who do not know much about the carib tribe. I was recently connected with the "Indigenous Caribbean Network", and I am getting my daughters involve for them to have an understanding of the Caribs.

I presently live in Sacramento, California. And I will begin to visit some of you during next tear to get acquianted. It is very interesting.

I can be reached on Facebook at Andrew Davis or e-mail:

There are lots of us out there, some of us are mixed with other nationalities, but our heart keeps us wanting to know more about our forefathers.

I have ties to the so called Caribs of Dominica and Arawaks in Anguilla. Grand mother on Dad's side was Dominican (Mixed), and Grandfather on mother's side was Anguillian (mixed). I regret not learning more about my ancestors before they passed on, but I intend learning as much as I can from others. My grandfather did tell me a few things as he recalled.

The indigenous people of the Caribbean have a rich history which is so different from what we read in most of the  history books.

I was born in St.Kitts, lived in Trinidad in my early years, Dominica for high school Anguilla in my twenties and throughout the Caribbean and presently live in Orlando, Florida, I can also be reached at 

Wow, it has been a while since I have checked this network. Yes there are many of us out here, as Mentioned on earlier blogs, many of us are not full blooded but we are just as eager to share and learn more about our heratige.


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