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Just a caution, for those who need it;

Any sign of continued personal insults between members will lead to the banning of those persons. There seems to be a marked degeneration in the quality of discussion here, very much in contrast with the cheerful, constructive, and productive experiences that dominated early on.

As the person who initially set up this network, I cannot tolerate seeing it become another hate site for flamers. For those who are new here, show some… Continue

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I am happy to announce the new blog, The Review of the Indigenous Caribbean Center (RICC).

We are looking for persons in this network, the ICN, who are fair to good writers, who have some experience with using blogs and writing for blogs, and who would like to be one of the regular collaborating authors to the blog.

A regular contributor would aim to produce at least one post per week, on any topic of… Continue

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Apparently Not: My Apologies, no coverage of the Santa Rosa Festival

Apparently this year is different, and I95.5 FM is not covering the Santa Rosa Festival, as I listen in.

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Caribs' Santa Rosa Festival - Live: This Sunday, August 24, 2008

For those of you interested in the Santa Rosa Festival of Trinidad's Carib Community, you can hear a live broadcast, streamed online, from Trinidadian radio station I 95.5 FM, this Sunday morning. For those of you on the eastern seaboard of the U.S., the time the event starts is at 9:00am, same for those in the Caribbean.

Go to this link -- and click on Listen Live. Don't expect to see any… Continue

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Charles Williams and indigenous issues in St Vincent and the Grenadines

Published on Friday, August 15, 2008

Reprinted from Caribbean Net News

By Paul Lewis

The historic Kalinago people of St Vincent are on the ‘brink of extinction,’ said Chief Charles Williams, leader of the Carib Community in Dominica, after he wrapped up a three day visit to St Vincent and the Grenadines on August 6. Williams was warmly welcomed by residents of Sandy Bay as he sought to re-establish the links between the Caribs of… Continue

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Chat is working again (for now?)

Hello again everyone. I did absolutely nothing to try to fix whatever problem was causing chat not to work, all I did was to merely go into the chat room to check again, and for some reason it is now working. I wish I knew what the problem was before, and what I might have needed to do to fix this...but this self-healing chat room seems to have cut things short for me. Anyway, good news, you can now use it.

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About CHAT being offline

I feel like a child, not knowing how it is that a service that I created, and basically own and run, won't even let me in. In fact, it seems it won't let anyone in -- it must be very selfish software that is happy to be left alone just talking to itself. I will try to figure out what is wrong, wish me luck, but I am sorry to have let down people who wanted to use it. I might have to rebuild it completely. I will post another message as soon as it seems to be working again.

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Meet Joshua Torres, the new site co-administrator

Hello again everyone, just some network news: given how absent I have been, and how great Joshua has been at meeting and greeting, I asked him to take on the job of co-administrating, which I am glad he accepted. So, if you have any troubles, there are now two people you can contact: Joshua and myself. Now this might also mean that Joshua can expel me, so I will have to be on my best behaviour for a change.

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This place is really coming to life!

I have been absent for a while, and I missed welcoming many new members. I also noticed that many of the new members really have become experts at using the site, and have actively produced their own personal blog posts. To make sure that others know of your posts, as it gets busier in here, drop me a note, and I will make sure to feature your blog on the front page.

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A Note from Max Forte: On the future of the CAC and KACIKE

Dear friends, if you will allow me a personal announcement, this might be of some minimal interest to a few readers of this blog.

By the end of this year I will have formally withdrawn from the Caribbean Amerindian Centrelink, which will either pass into new hands, some new hands, or none and remain archived online at a new location. The current location of the CAC is at…

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Questions about Race...and Photography

Given the debate surrounding the proposed ban of "mixed-blood" marriages among Dominica's Caribs, and the unexplained assertion that 1,000 "full blood Caribs" remain there, added to assertions made in the Taino Revival book that contemporary Tainos are really black people trying to deny their blackness by choosing a Taino identity, there seems to be a whole bundle of very contentious ideas, and… Continue

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A number of ICN members have asked for regular chat sessions to be scheduled. Given the size of the network, which is not in the thousands, it is probably a good idea, since that way you can be more or less assured to find someone in the chat room. I have created a special chat room for this site, which is not open and publicly archived like the last one, but is just as easy to use, and with a greater range of features, including private chatting. To sign up or login, please… Continue

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Bankie Bankx -- Big Chief

Quite by accident (I had never heard of Bankie Banx before today), I found this video titled "Big Chief." The story line that accompanies it reads:

In the lands, where the Arawaks roamed... A Visually stunning music video, recounting the story of the Arawak people who once inhabited the islands of the Caribbean. The 'Big Chief' story centers on a modern day island boy, who discovers an ancient scroll that reveals the true roots of his people.

I'm not sure if that is the… Continue

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Dominica Carib Chief Wants to Outlaw Intermarriage: What do you think?

From the Associated Press,

Fri May 9, 11:12 PM ET

(a very rare news item on the Caribs in the international press, and it's a pretty controversial one at that):

ROSEAU, Dominica - The leader of the last remaining pre-Columbian tribe in the eastern Caribbean says outlawing marriage to outsiders can save Dominica's dwindling indigenous population, but legislators are balking at deciding who can marry whom.

Chief Charles Williams has proposed a law… Continue

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The Global Food Crisis, the Caribbean, and Cassava

I will be writing about this in greater depth soon in The CAC Review, concerning the skyrocketing of food prices worldwide, food riots, and the deepening of hunger in places such as Haiti. In Trinidad's case, there have been serious price rises on a range of basic foodstuffs, without the increased ability of large parts of the population to afford the increases. In addition, issues of food security have been revived, as they must be, once again.… Continue

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How to Add Photos to ICN

You can upload photos simply by clicking on the PHOTOS tab in the menu above. The system "remembers" that you are the one that added those photos and organizes your photos into a slideshow if you choose. That slideshow--with the photos you choose--will appear on your own page. You can also share that slideshow on your page on any other site on the Web where you can paste in the code for the player.

You will see almost everyone's photos streamed in a slideshow on the front… Continue

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What does it mean to be Indigenous today in the Caribbean? New Forum Discussion

A new forum discussion has been started on what the meanings of "indigenous" are in the Caribbean. Here is the description of the intent of the discussion:

Indigenous can be read in many different ways. Some link the idea of indigenous to notions of race, to being "Amerindian", to ideas of ancient ancestry that predates that of all other groups resident in a given territory. Others see indigenous as being local, as belonging here, as being native in a broad… Continue

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Feel free to meet and join in the new CHAT ROOM for the Indigenous Caribbean Network. Click on the "Pages" tab above, and then select the chat page, or you can click directly here:

This particular chat room, and the page that went with it, has been disabled since a new room was added to the front page… Continue

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You can CREATE PAGES on this network

Now you can also CREATE PAGES on this network. Note the new "Pages" tab in the menu bar. Clicking on that takes you to where you can see pages created by other members, and you can create your own. It is possibly the simplest and easiest page creator I have seen so far.

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The INDIGENOUS CARIBBEAN NETWORK was created as a replacement for the Directory of Researchers on the Caribbean Amerindian Centrelink. This blog post demonstrates one of the features for which this p…

The INDIGENOUS CARIBBEAN NETWORK was created as a replacement for the Directory of Researchers on the Caribbean Amerindian Centrelink. This blog post demonstrates one of the features for which this platform can be used. Continue

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