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Jaguars in the Caribbean??

photo of jaguar in French Guyanan jungle credited to Dr Zoltan Takacs, original drawing of Caribbean Indigen wearing a jaguar tooth necklace and montage "Taino Jaguar Spirit" by Miguel Sague

Tau My Relatives

Not long ago the BBC television programing unit called NATURE featured a series entitled "SPIRITS OF THE JAGUAR". This beautifully photographed sequence of programs was narrated by David Attenborough and focused attention on…


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Tying the Knot; the tradition of tying sacred objects together in ancient Taino culture

My Relatives

As many of you already are aware, we in the Caney Indigenous Spiritual Circle celebrate the Spring Equinox with a ceremony that includes the act of separating two traditinal Taino sculpted images which have been kept tied together throughout the winter season.

One of those two images is the sculptural item popularly known by scholars as a "stone collar". We in th Caney Circle call them Coa Hoops. Coa Hoops were… Continue

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Mother Earth Song

Dance for love, dance for our Mother, dance for kindness, dance for the Creator, dance for yourself, dance for your… Continue

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Upcoming Significant Mayan Venus Cycle Date

Tau My Relatives

We are arriving at a very important nexus date of the on-going Maya Calendar Venus Cycle. The Venus Cycle is a significant series of astronomical events which manifest themselves in asociation with the repetitive movements of the planet Venus, one of the brightest objects of the night sky. The series in question includes a significant, regularly predictable number of days that the planet appears as a morningstar… Continue

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The National Museum of the American Indian (NMAI)

The Power of Chocolate

Saturday & Sunday

February 14 & 15, 2009

The National Museum of the American Indian (NMAI) celebrates one of the world's most beloved foods—chocolate. To the Maya and Aztec peoples, Theobroma cacao, as its Latin name indicates, was a "food of the gods." These programs present a rare opportunity for museum visitors to explore chocolate's culture, history, and place in contemporary society.

The 2009 Power of Chocolate… Continue

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We are all One- Spread this video

1. Speaker: Indigenous Native American Prophecy, Oren Lyons. Oren R.

Blueskywoman's thoughts:

We live in a world that has forgetten this teaching, some of us want to find our way back to be one. Sometimes when I walk my son to school in the morning--I find myself captured in a moment when I look at the bluesky, the trees, the birds and become one with them. It really is heartfelt and I give my life and humage to our Creator for letting us live… Continue

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Modern Indian Boys - a poem

Modern Indian boys meet General Custer at the principal's office in high school and this time lose the battle.

War dances are held in front of the 7/11 while holding on to a 40 oz. for good luck.

Gang colors are the new traditional regalia as they fight each other instead of the true enemy.

Manhood ceremonies are now called hazings or gang bangs.

Modern Indian boys cut their hair short and wear bandannas around their heads that are now symbols of… Continue

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noticias (2) Animal Smugglers - English

MEXICO CITY (Reuters) – From the live snakes that smugglers stuff with packets of cocaine to the white tigers drug lords keep as exotic pets, rare animals are being increasingly sucked into Mexico's deadly narcotics trade.

Drug gang leaders like to show off rarities like sea turtle skin boots and build ostentatious private zoos at their mansions.

They also reap additional profits by sharing routes with animal traffickers who cram humming birds into cigarette packs and baby… Continue

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noticias Borinken, español

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Dreaming Research

Would you like to participate in dream research?

I am collecting data for my Ph.D. dissertation research. For this particular research I am looking for participants who have experienced Shared Dreaming. This is when two people have the same dream. For this research participants must be born in the United States (this includes territories too, of course), must be 18 years or older, and have been in an intimate relationship with the person with whom they experienced the Shared… Continue

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~Taino Honor~

~Taino Honor~

Our Ancestors are crying,

People of the World,

Listen carefully....

Our love ones are tired,

You need to start listening ....

Spirits talk through us,

crying for help

to stop the destruction

As we continue to walk in obstruction.....

Taino honor, we must

let our dead rest,

500 years in disgust....

To this day,

it's still a test....

As the years go by...

Like a leaf,

our… Continue

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At 7:34pm on February 3, 2009, Debra Rincon Lopez said…

Klamath Tribes in southern Oregon buys back part of the lost reservation-and with that returns the tradition of caring for and being nurtured by the land. The Klamath,Modoc & Yahooskin peoples who make up the Klamath Tribes, entered into an option agreement Dec. 18. 2008. To purchase teh 90,000-acre Mazama Forest in south central Oregon near our tribal homeland of Chiloquin-also known as the Mazama Tree Farm. The forest was once… Continue

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Sharing American Indian/Indigenous News, Issues and Special Features

In 2000, I started my publication, My Two Beads Worth, on a free website host and then in 2001, I obtained a private host so I could do more and have more room. This is the 8th year of publication. It is non-profit and I will not accept donations or apply for grants for its publication costs. It's something I wanted to do in honor of my Ancestors and to give something back. I do all the work myself, so sometimes, the work involved can be somewhat overwhelming, but it's well worth it. I have… Continue

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